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A brave new era dawns

| Posted by: Paul Donovan | Tags: Paul Donovan

  • Today sees a new era dawning, with the US Federal Reserve expected to raise interest rates another quarter point.  Rates of 2% are back to where we were almost 10 years ago.  The Wall Street Journal reported that the Fed may hold a press conference every meeting. This would just bring the Fed into line with other central banks, and is probably not a policy signal.
  • There are more inflation numbers – the whole range of consumer and retail price data from the UK (the retail price measure being roundly criticised these days). Spain has final consumer price inflation data, which markets will ignore. The US has producer price inflation, which markets may look to as an indicator of pricing power.
  • The never-ending tedium of the UK's exit from the EU continues to be both never ending and tedious. The government needs to table an amendment on avoiding a hard exit. Markets cannot be bothered with the noise.
  • The Bitcoin bubble continues to burst quietly in the background. This is not a major issue, but it does represent a transfer of wealth from the many bubble buyers to the few bubble sellers. Like all bubbles, the crypto-asset bubble is inherently elitist.