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The next round of the trade dispute

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A significant week in the Sino-US trade dispute. Chinese President Xi is to give a speech tomorrow. In the US, the normal pattern has been followed; after US President Trump does something dramatic, administration officials appear on television to reduce the impact. German trade data is due today.

The US administration has denied that it launched missile strikes in Syria. North Korea has signalled that it will discuss denuclearising the Korean Peninsula. However, markets tend not to react to such events (investors rarely price geopolitical extremes). The escalation of US sanctions against Russia from diplomatic to economic (targeting individuals) may be more market relevant.

Hungarian Prime Minister Orban has won the general election, retaining a two-thirds majority in parliament. Orban is seen as an "anti" politician (in this case, anti-immigration). Hungary faces EU sanctions over past policies, and the scale of the victory may resurrect concerns about the rise of anti-politics in Europe.

In the fantasy world of the crypto-currency bubble, actions by US regulators have raised risks for celebrities who endorse crypto-currencies. (I do not endorse crypto-currencies, but then I am not a celebrity either). India's central bank banned regulated financial institutions from having anything to do with crypto-currencies.