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Time for a change

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  • The arrest of several prominent Saudi business people created a negative reaction in Saudi markets. There is little cause for international markets to react. The moves would be relevant only if they were seen as creating instability and threatening the oil price (unlikely) or if they were seen as prompting capital flight from Saudi (possible, but unlikely).
  • US President Trump is in Asia urging Japanese car manufacturers to make cars in the US. Around 75% of Japanese brand cars sold in the US are made in the US. The last big auto battle between the US and Japan was fought in the 1990s. It provoked fears of Japanese investors pulling capital out of the US.
  • Euro area producer price inflation is due – a far better indication of corporate pricing power than is consumer price inflation. As labor costs start to increase in the Euro area, companies may seek to raise some prices.
  • NY Fed President Dudley is scheduled to speak today. There were media reports that Dudley intends to retire early. Three positions on the FOMC are currently vacant (four if Yellen quits as a governor) – although the US president has nothing to do with the appointment of the NY Fed president.