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Give thanks by shopping

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  • Americans are off indulging in the national pastime of visiting the shopping mall. The belated discovery of online retail by the US consumer adds a layer of complexity to interpreting the data.
  • The Irish government faces a vote of no confidence in the deputy prime minister (the government is a minority administration). If the government were to lose such a vote, it would have implications within Europe over the UK-EU divorce process.
  • The German ifo business sentiment opinion poll is due out, in the wake of some euphoric European numbers. If only the numbers meant anything. The German data is actually a bit more reliable. The rule that "no one fills in surveys anymore" does not apply to the Teutonic mindset.
  • The German SPD are discussing the possibility of some kind of support for the CDU, following talks with the German president. The German political crisis is not really looking very crisis-like. It is all very orderly and, frankly, a little dull.