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Profit and prejudice

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  • US President Trump's decision to fire the acting US attorney general caused equity markets to weaken. Large US companies are starting to position themselves as defenders of diversity. Diversity and tolerance are not just morally good, they are also good for profits. Challenging diversity and tolerance has long-term profit implications. 
  • The Bank of Japan did nothing on policy (but it did nothing in a masterful fashion). The bold, new policy initiative of targeting 10-year bond yields is too recent a bold, new policy initiative to be changed. Most bold‎, new policy initiatives are abandoned or changed within a few quarters, however. 
  • More European consumer price inflation data is due, with the temporary disinflation of the oil price fading and the realities of underlying inflation pressure coming through. The challenge for the ECB may lie more in the divergence of inflation than in the absolute level. 
  • An opinion poll on US consumer confidence is due. These polls tend to overreact to underlying economics, and are also subject to media and political influence. The reaction of US confidence to recent political developments is likely to be of interest.