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End of an era

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  • There is a temporary break in the production of the morning audio comment. Just over 24 years after starting as an intern with the UBS Investment Bank, I am moving to UBS Wealth Management. Remarkably, this requires me to go on gardening leave (the good news is I do have a garden).
  • The morning audio comment will resume when I return at the end of August. If you currently receive the emails, you will continue to receive the emails. If you do not currently receive the emails, then rush to sign up for them at
  • Other research is available at, on the Nobel Perspectives site at I occasionally publish in a personal capacity on the LinkedIn platform so feel free to connect there (look for a bald, middle-aged economist with glasses).
  • I would like to thank all who have helped with the comments – the supervisory analysts who restrain my more litigious remarks, George Magnus and Larry Hatheway (my ex-bosses, who resisted the considerable temptation to fire me), and of course the fantastic team of UBS economists whose work I shamelessly plagiarise.