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Longer term thinking

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  • The US Federal Reserve's data shows that, once again wealth is rising in the US. This is about housing wealth, not equities (more Americans own a cat than own equity directly). While housing wealth today does not lead to refinancing, it may encourage a lower savings rate.
  • Michigan consumer sentiment in the US is just a single data point, and sentiment data at that, but for skilled and semi-skilled labour the strength of employment, the strength of wages, and the strength of wealth are all positives. The risks lie around the groups left behind in this recovery.
  • The French courts have demonstrated a resistance to the sharing economy – something seen in other Euro area economies. Single issues may not matter much to macroeconomics, but the signalling effect of policy makers resisting a world of change is important.
  • European policy makers make their way onto the agenda today. German finance minister Schaeuble and the ECB's Constancio speak. The UK's Farage (UK Independence Party) is interviewed ahead of the EU referendum.