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Speaking with authority

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  • A "person with authority" has spoken in China, and they are sounding like economists (making economists people with authority can only be a good thing). Structural reform will slow growth, debt cannot be relied upon, inefficient capacity needs to be cut.
  • Evans of the US Federal Reserve was stressing that the pause in interest rate tightening is only a pause and should be considered as such. Markets still seem disinclined to listen to some fairly explicit Fed communication.
  • Chinese consumer price inflation is expected to be positive, producer price inflation expected to be negative (local factors drive the former, the latter correlates closer to corporate pricing power). Greek deflation is also expected to continue.
  • The US offers us the NFIB small business sentiment survey and wholesale inventory data – of minor interest to markets. The result of the Philippines presidential election is expected, and political uncertainty around the Brazilian presidential impeachment has increased.