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Waiting for the action

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  • Politics is once again invading the pure world of economics. In France, former Prime Minister Fillon defeated former Prime Minister Juppe (former President Sarkozy having already retired) to win the center-right nomination for the presidency. Opinion polls suggest Fillon will be the establishment candidate in May.
  • US presidential election recounts are now likely in three states, but markets are not focused on this. Instead, investors as scanning Twitter for news on nominations. Mnuchin, mentioned in connection with the Treasury post, saw his box office debut this weekend in the perhaps appropriately titled film "Rules Don't Apply".
  • OPEC is set to meet on Wednesday, with the Saudis now suggesting that maybe production cuts are not necessary. This is not exactly a huge shock to financial markets.
  • Italian opinion polls on consumer and corporate confidence are due – mildly interesting for those trying to discern political risks ahead of the referendum on constitutional reform, maybe. The ECB's Draghi speaks at the European parliament.