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Pumped up on economics

| Posted by: Paul Donovan | Tags: Paul Donovan

  • It's hard to get pumped up over the release of Euro area final consumer price inflation, as we already have the flash estimate. The fading of the oil base effect is pushing the headline rate of inflation up towards the core rate, which is relevant to perceptions of ECB policy direction.
  • US industrial production is not likely to distract from the cacophony of noise from the presidential election campaign. Capacity utilization tells us less about the spare capacity of the economy than it used to.
  • US Federal Reserve vice-Chair Fischer is scheduled to speak. It is unlikely he will signal anything radically different from the expectation of a December rate hike. However, as someone with monetarist leanings, any comment on quantitative policy will be interesting.
  • Bank of England deputy governor Broadbent is speaking today – he has already suggested the weaker sterling may act as a shock absorber for the UK economy. That is a dubious assertion. Sterling's weakness translates into exporter profits, but exporters seem to lack the confidence to do anything with those profits.