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Markets and politics

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  • In the wake of the US presidential debate, the US Republican National Committee meets today in private to discuss matters of interest. For markets, it is important to remember that there are more US elections than the race for the presidency. 
  • The market implications of a Clinton White House with a Republican Congress would be very different from a Clinton White House with a Democrat Congress, to give one example. 
  • Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer declared that the Fed is not behind the curve in moving policy. Most US inflation measures are at or above their 20-year average. Fed policy is not average. Meanwhile in Europe, weaker Greek inflation underscores the divergence of Eurozone inflation. 
  • In the UK, two surveys indicate that companies are intending to scale back hiring and investment plans, in the wake of the referendum result. This is not a surprise given the uncertainty around the future, including issues like the acceptability of employing foreign workers.