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Yellen wants to raise

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  • The Fed Chair tried to extricate herself from the hostage crisis she created, declaring that she wanted to raise interest rates this year. Her speech on inflation endorsed (implicitly) Tuesday's UBS Macro Keys talking about imminent inflation increases.
  • Yellen attempted to describe The Truth About Inflation (others may or may not have written on that) – suggesting import price moves were not important drivers of inflation when expectations were anchored, and being quite dismissive of market derived measures like break even inflation.
  • Weidmann of the Bundesbank and the ECB is to speak today. The Bundesbank has been a less than enthusiastic supporter of the quantitative policy program, although to be fair ECB President Draghi has backed away from his enthusiasm for adding to the program.
  • US GDP is the big data release today, and has a little downside from the inventory cycle. The data does need to be treated with some caution given the frequency and scale of data revisions recently. Superficial analysis of the headlines is not especially helpful.