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Sentiment softer?

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  • US investors are of course absent from the markets today, wearing white for the last time this year and trying to learn how to spell the word "labour" correctly. The holiday may not have its normal dampening impact on markets, however.
  • Euro area manufacturing sentiment is scheduled and the consensus is expecting a deterioration in the data. France is expected to continue to signal contraction. The volatility of sentiment is greater than that of the underlying data, so caution is necessary in interpreting the numbers.
  • UK credit data, including mortgage lending, is scheduled. The real estate sector has been commenting that Bank of England restrictions have started to impact the credit data, and mortgage lending figures are due.
  • Geopolitical risk remains a feature as the rhetoric over the Russo- Ukrainian conflict continues. The EU has appointed a new Foreign Affairs High Representative, and a new president (one of the many), and is about to debate additional sanctions against Russia.