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Today in less than 2 minutes

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  • Nothing interesting is happening today in the world of economics. UK industrial production data might attract attention, but we know the UK is doing well economically, and the data is for May. The UK BCC corporate sentiment was positive but not new news.
  • We have Noyer and Linde of the ECB scheduled to speak, in the wake of an industrialist complaining about the Euro's level. There is nothing seriously wrong with the level of the Euro and nothing interesting is likely from the speakers.
  • Lacker (hawk) and Kockherlakota (dove) of the Federal Reserve are due to speak, and there is the NFIB small business sentiment index, but none of this is likely
  • The day is therefore pretty devoid of macroeconomic interest. Market participants should sit back, relax, and read a good book. One of mine, for instance.

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