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What the Anglo-Saxons do next

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  • German ifo sentiment data is due. While we probably should be excited by the release of German ifo sentiment, it seems hard to muster up too much enthusiasm. Maybe it is sentiment fatigue, maybe it is the fact that Germany is not that important to Euro policy these days.
  • UK house price data and mortgage data are due. The mortgage data is important as it indicates the impact monetary policy may have on UK housing. We also have assorted Bank of England speakers before parliament today.
  • US consumer sentiment may raise a flicker of interest in financial markets, but it is not a really major event. There is also the release of the Richmond Fed survey on the cards.
  • We do have three Fed speakers today - Plosser, Williams and Dudley. They make a reasonably representative showing of Fed opinion, and as the end of quantitative policy approaches in October, the views of FOMC members on monetary tightening assume heightened importance.