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Coups, and vote counts

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  • Thailand's military have leapt out from behind their sofa, yelled "surprise" and announced that they are holding a coup after all. We expect a technocrat government to be formed relatively swiftly. The Thai baht has taken the news quite well.
  • The Ukraine votes for a new president this weekend, and the results of the European elections will emerge from Sunday. For the latter, the UK, France and the Netherlands may attract attention - because of the implications of the results for national politics.
  • Data today has a heavy German accent - with final Q1 GDP emphasising the divergent nature of the European economy, and the German ifo business confidence expected to moderate a little on the back of softer expectations.
  • The US is only offering housing data. Fed President Williams was sounding dovish to the surprise of absolutely no one, suggesting that the pace of monetary policy tightening should be cautious.

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