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Sentiment everywhere

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  • Chinese PMI business sentiment slipped below the magic 50 boom bust dividing line, causing a twinge of fear among those who take Chinese economic sentiment numbers seriously. The PBoC was independently administering the healing salve of yet more liquidity injections.
  • Euro sentiment is also scheduled (manufacturing and service sector) - with the level and the breadth of the spectrum of sentiment experiences looked to by investors. The ECB's Draghi was warning of the uneven and fragile nature of the recovery, but does not see deflation.
  • The UK sentiment figures are retail sector, and markets will assume that the data will reflect the strength of the labour market data. Validating labour market strength will only service to fuel expectations about monetary policy change.
  • US economic releases are generally second tier - housing sales and initial claims. Treasury Secretary Lew has been lecturing Congress on the need to raise the debt ceiling (technically the US has no debt ceiling right now, but they get one in a couple of weeks and Lew wants it raised at once).

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