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The US Federal Reserve - an apology

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  • Over the past few years the UBS Morning Audio Comment may have given rise to the impression that we believed the US Federal Reserve to be a credible, enlightened central bank. In the wake of last night's policy decision, we would like to apologise for having given that impression.
  • The Fed has erred, possibly seriously. Yesterday destroyed any pretence of transparency, and all but guaranteed that when policy does change there will be a negative market reaction. In the wake of the shock yesterday investors are unlikely to have certainty about future policy decisions.
  • Risk markets' reactions imply that investors are pricing in a Fed error. If investors believed the Fed's justification for delaying a tightening, then the Fed's perceived economic risks would argue against "risk on". Only continued liquidity without any justifying risk could justify "risk on".
  • The aftermath should dominate market action today there are UK retail sales and the US Philly Fed survey, but this will not distract. Economists are not angry with the Fed; just terribly, terribly disappointed. We must hope Mr Bernanke goes to his room and thinks about the consequences of what he has just done.

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