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  • Economic anarchy continues in the United States, in spite of periodic stories of a hope of a possibility of a deal being done. However there is the enticing prospect of some data today, in the form of small business sentiment. Sadly it is not that reliable an indicator.
  • China's service sector sentiment moderated a little in September, but China's service sector has a limited role globally. Australian business sentiment improved (while remaining negative as to overall outlook), but with least improvement in the China related sectors.
  • The UK has offered a spate of minor data releases which add up to a generally positive picture of the overall economy. The BCC survey indicated decent economic expansion, the RICS indicates strong housing sales, but the BRC showed the effects of unseasonable weather with a slowing of retail sales.
  • The Euro has little to entertain markets the odd ECB speaker (rarely entertaining) and some manufacturing data from Germany.

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