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Paul joined UBS Wealth Management in August 2016, and is the Global Chief Economist. He is a member of the Global Investment Committee, a UBS Opinion Leader, a sponsor of UBS Speak Up and a UBS Pride Ally. Paul is responsible for developing and presenting the UBS economic outlook, marketing the view around the world. He started at UBS Investment Bank as an intern in 1992, and was Global Economist. He has an MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University, and an MSc in Financial Economics from the University of London. He is an Honorary Fellow of St Anne's College Oxford, appears regularly in print and broadcast media, and is the author of several books (all available from

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Economic commentary discussing the current issues that are affecting economies and financial markets around the globe.

December 2018

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Chief Economist's Comment

Occasional articles answering some of the important economic questions of today

Are trade taxes changing trade? (PDF, 310 KB) (21st November 2018)
Are bond traders better than economists? (PDF, 386 KB) (01 August 2018)
Pride and Prejudice, and Economists (PDF, 311 KB) (27 June 2018)
Italy and the euro – are investors lost in translation? (PDF, 151 KB) (4 June 2018)
Are central banks sucking liquidity from financial markets? (PDF, 160 KB) (29 May 2018)
Is a trade war likely? The trade debate in May (PDF, 159 KB) (08 May 2018)
Have we hit peak trade? (PDF, 160 KB) (09 April 2018)
How hard do workers work? (PDF, 183 KB) (14 February 2018)


Appearances in the media 

A selection of recent appearances, in the print, television, radio and on-line media