Sustainable Investing

This month marks the adoption by the UN General Assembly of the Sustainable Devel­opment Goals (SDGs). UBS Wealth Management's Chief Investment Office focuses its latest sustainable investing report in on investment ideas well suited to pursuing the SDGs. It also lays out the types of instruments, within both liquid and private markets, that can be invested in to further the process.

Sustainable Investing

Executive summary

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) succeed the Millennium Development Goals, which entered into force at the turn of the century and helped to define and drive global development efforts for the last 15 years. The SDGs have a broader mission than their predecessors, one not limited to improving the economies of developing countries. They address universal priorities of the global community, with a strong focus on sustainability.

UBS Wealth Management's Chief Investment Office has taken the SDGs as the subject of the latest edition of its Sustainable Investing Quarterly series – in particular, their rel­evant investment implications. Governments globally will need to harness private capital to meet the ambitious new objectives. The world is also likely to see a variety of new initiatives targeting private investment to help countries achieve the SDGs.

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