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Sustainable Investing

At Follow UBS, our experts and senior executives share their views on the most pressing issues across a number of areas, including macroeconomics and financial services. Follow our spokespeople, publications, ratings and media appearances to ensure you stay up to date on the latest trends.

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Some videos that appear here may not be suitable for certain jurisdictions.

Geoff Dennis on emerging markets sell-off
Region: US/Global   First published on: 29 July 2015

Mark Haefele on market outlook
Region: US/Global     First published on: 28 July 2015

Bill O'Neill on the Eurozone economy
Region: Europe/Global    First published on: 27 July 2015

Sergio Ermotti talks wealth management
Region: Europe/Global     First published on: 27 July 2015     Source: CNBC

Sergio Ermotti: Surprising if Fed doesn't hike rates
Region: Europe/Global     First published on: 27 July 2015     Source: CNBC

Axel Weber: Greece still likely to remain in the euro
Region: US/Global     First published on: 10 July 2015     Source: Bloomberg

Reinhard Cluse: Outlook for China property market
Region: Europe/Global     First published on: 20 June 2015    Source: Bloomberg

Dealing with data (which may be dubious)

Region: EMEA     First broadcast on: 3 August 2015     Source: Paul Donovan

Lack of slack

Region: EMEA     First broadcast on: 31 July 2015     Source: Paul Donovan

Looking to labour

Region: EMEA     First broadcast on: 30 July 2015     Source: Paul Donovan

Fed fun and fundamentals

Region: EMEA     First broadcast on: 29 July 2015     Source: Paul Donovan

Fundamentals and central banks

Region: EMEA     First broadcast on: 28 July 2015     Source: Paul Donovan

The secret story of capital spending
Region: EMEA     First published on: May 2015     Source: Paul Donovan

Being really, really wrong about the dollar (PDF, 128 KB) 
Region: EMEA     First published on: March 2015     Source: Paul Donovan

A global lesson from Europe (PDF, 131 KB) 
Region: EMEA     First published on: February 2015     Source: Paul Donovan

Which central banks matter (PDF, 115 KB) 
Region: EMEA     First published on: January 2015     Source: Paul Donovan

The New Global Context (PDF, 6 MB)
Region: Global     First published on: 21 January 2015     Source: UBS

The New Global Context (iPad version available on UBS Newsstand)
Region: Global     First published on: 21 January 2015     Source: UBS

Paul Donovan

Paul Donovan: Paul is responsible for formulating and presenting the UBS Investment Research global economic view, drawing on the bank’s world-wide resources. 

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Dr. Andreas Höfert

Dr. Andreas Höfert: Andreas is Chief Economist Wealth Management and Regional Chief Investment Officer Europe

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Dr. Daniel Kalt

Dr. Daniel Kalt: Daniel is UBS Chief Economist Switzerland and Regional Chief Investment Officer Switzerland. He regularly holds presentations on a wide spectrum of topics at UBS client events and seminars, and appears on Swiss TV, radio stations and in print media. 

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Joshua McCallum

Joshua McCallum: Joshua is Head of Fixed Income Economics at UBS Global Asset Management, where he provides economic analysis to support and challenge portfolio managers.

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