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UBS Q-Series: What is the scope of the Sharing Economy? UBS Q-Series: What is the scope of the Sharing Economy?

UBS Investment Bank Research Internet, Lodging, and Auto teams examined the implications of the Sharing Economy with a focus on the Shared Transportation and Shared Accommodation sub-sectors.

Does wealth make us rich anymore? Does wealth make us rich anymore?

Building the trust engine: A UBS Group Technology White Paper Building the trust engine: A UBS Group Technology White Paper

How the blockchain could transform finance (and the world)

Impact Investing in Oncology Impact Investing in Oncology

Financing a new era in cancer treatment and building hope for tomorrow's fight against cancer

An EM turnaround? An EM turnaround?

Bhanu Baweja investigates the anatomy of this EM rally, central bank actions and EM valuations.

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Sergio Ermotti: Threat to globalization worries me
Region: Global    First published on: 3 March 2016     Source: Bloomberg

Sergio Ermotti: We aim to keep growing ordinary dividend
Region: Global    First published on: 2 February 2016     Source: Bloomberg

Sergio Ermotti: UBS net profit up 79%
Region: Global     First published on: 2 February 2016     Source: CNBC

Axel Weber: There's a limit to what the ECB can achieve
Region: Global     First published on: 22 January 2016     Source: CNBC

Axel Weber: Global economy not in a downward spiral
Region: Global     First published on: 20 January 2016    Source: Bloomberg

The first rule of Fight Club

Region: EMEA      First broadcast on: 21 October 2016      Source: Paul Donovan

Emmy awards and economics

Region: EMEA      First broadcast on: 20 October 2016      Source: Paul Donovan

6.7% is the answer. Never mind the question

Region: EMEA      First broadcast on: 19 October 2016      Source: Paul Donovan

Inflation rises. Disagreements arise

Region: EMEA      First broadcast on:  18 October 2016      Source: Paul Donovan

Pumped up on economics

Region: EMEA      First broadcast on:  17 October 2016      Source: Paul Donovan

How the blockchain could transform finance (and the world) (PDF, 7 MB)
Region: Global     First published on: July 2016     Source: UBS

Investing in sustainable development [for non-US domiciled visitors] (PDF, 5 MB)
Region: EMEA     First published on: 22 September 2015     Source: UBS

Investing in sustainable development [for US domiciled visitors] (PDF, 2 MB)
Region: US     First published on: 22 September 2015     Source: UBS

Sustainable Investing: To integrate or exclude [for non-US domiciled visitors] (PDF, 3 MB)
Region: EMEA     First published on: 13 July 2015     Source: UBS

Sustainable Investing: To integrate or exclude [for US domiciled visitors] (PDF, 2 MB)
Region: US    First published on: 13 July 2015    Source: UBS

Sergio P.  Ermotti

Sergio P.  Ermotti: Sergio P. Ermotti was appointed Group Chief Executive Officer in November 2011.

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Axel A. Weber

Axel A. Weber: Axel A. Weber was elected to the Board of Directors (BoD) at the 2012 AGM and was thereafter appointed Chairman of the BoD. He has chaired the Governance and Nominating Committee since 2012 and became chair of the Corporate Responsibility Committee in 2013.

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Mark Haefele

Mark Haefele: Mark Haefele is the Global Chief Investment Officer of UBS Wealth Management and the Chair of the UBS Global Investment Committee.

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Paul Donovan

Paul Donovan: Paul is the Global Chief Economist for UBS Wealth Management. He is responsible for developing and presenting the UBS economic outlook, marketing the view around the world.

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