Our commitment

"Our industry has played, and continues to play, an important role in fostering growth and prosperity and, as a consequence, societal change. I see our firm's work in the area of corporate responsibility as part and parcel of this."

Axel A. Weber, Chairman of UBS, and Chairperson of the UBS Corporate Responsibility Committee

At UBS, corporate responsibility means "doing the right thing" – both now and in the future. This covers our conduct as a firm and as individuals, as well as our responsibility towards the communities in which we work. It also encompasses the products and services we offer to support our clients in addressing the challenges of today while achieving their aims.

We understand that to be taken seriously as a responsible corporate citizen takes time, and that a solid and proven track record counts.

How we do business

Our principles and standards clearly define how we want to do things. These apply to all aspects of our business and the ways in which we engage with our stakeholders. We expect all our employees to adhere to them. As global firm we recognize our responsibility to lead the debate on important societal topics, contribute to the setting of standards and collaboration in and beyond our industry. Living up to our principles and standards contributes to the wider societal goal of sustainable development.

How we support our clients to drive change for the better

We recognize the growing interest of our clients in global societal concerns. They want to use their resources for the benefit and advancement of individuals, communities and societies around the globe. As a global firm, and the world’s largest wealth manager, we are in a unique position to enable them to address these concerns. Being their trusted financial advisor, we recognize this responsibility and take it seriously. Our products and services allow us to help clients make a real difference.

How we support our communities

We actively engage with communities around the globe. Our aim is to overcome disadvantages by supporting education and entrepreneurship through a combination of targeted funding and the commitment and skills of our employees. Working hand in hand with our partners gives us a better understanding of the needs and requirements of our communities. Based on this, we can deliver long-term, sustainable and measurable benefits to our local communities.  

“We want to anchor a culture of long-term thinking and action in the bank. We want our success to be sustainable. Not only for us, but also for our clients.”

Sergio P. Ermotti, Group CEO, and member of the UBS Corporate Responsibility Committee’s Advisory Panel