UBS Employee Volunteering: Helping young people

Zurich Community Investment CH


On the occasion of the bank’s 150th anniversary, each business region conducted an anniversary project. In Central Switzerland UBS employees got involved with the Swiss Paraplegic Center (SPZ) in Nottwil. During a volunteer assignment they helped with the care of participants during the so-called Youth Rehab Weeks.

During the course of the Rehab Weeks, wheelchair-bound young people learn to improve their independence, go on outings and practice routine skills. For five days during one such week they received support from UBS employees on a volunteer assignment, including Michael Widmer, who works in the area of Corporate Clients in Lucerne. Like his colleagues, he used the assignment to get a deeper insight into the SPZ and the lives of paraplegics.

“My initial reticence was quickly overcome and I noticed that the young people were very open about their situation in life,” the 28-year-old said. Their "joie de vivre" really impressed him – and that’s something that will stick with him: “Once again I became aware of how we tend to get upset over the smallest things in life that, seen objectively, are absolutely meaningless. The day made a big impression on me and was so interesting; I wouldn't have missed it for the world.”

UBS not only supported the Youth Rehab Weeks with its own employees, but also with a donation of CHF 10,000.

UBS Employee Volunteering offers a variety of options for getting involved for a good cause. The bank supports participation in the volunteer program and gives employees two paid workdays per year for this purpose.