UBS ETFs on MSCI Socially Responsible indices

Zurich Community Investment CH

FINMA has approved the listing of four new UBS ETFs on MSCI Socially Responsible indices


One global (world) and three regional (North America, Europe & Middle East, Pacific) exchange-traded funds based on the MSCI Socially Responsible Indices were listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange in July 2012. With two share classes for private & institutional clients, these funds replicate the price and the return performance of the MSCI Socially Responsible Indices net of fees. Only companies with above-average environmental and social performance compared with their peers in their respective sectors and without business in controversial activities as weapons, tobacco, nuclear energy,etc... are considered for inclusion in the funds. The new USD- and EUR-based ETFs were developed by UBS Global Asset Management in close co-operation with the UBS Values-Based Investing team. UBS is the first and only asset manager in Europe to offer ETFs on MSCI Indices for sustainable investments in Europe. These ETFs allow investors to gain exposure to Socially Responsible Investments in a simple and flexible manner.