The 2011 national volunteering project: maintaining hiking trails in Switzerland

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2011 is the European year of volunteering, which is why UBS is organizing a unique national volunteering project for all employees in Switzerland, running from spring until fall 2011.

2011 UBS Employees have the opportunity to perform maintenance work on hiking trails in various regions of Switzerland during two paid days of leave. On these assignments they will replace broken or incorrect signposts, inspect and maintain lengths of trail and create new trails. This work keeps hiking trails safe, while at the same time promoting hiking as a rewarding and healthy recreational activity.

Six assignment locations throughout Switzerland

Maintaining hiking trails is important work since wind and weather cause a lot of major and minor damage to trails. For this reason, trails have to be inspected and maintained every year to allow for comfortable and safe hiking.

Volunteer assignments are being conducted at six different locations, providing the opportunity for all employees in Switzerland to participate in this unique project: Öberägeri (ZG), Himmelried (SO), La-Chaux-de-Fonds (NE), Brambrüesch (GR), Rüschegg-Heubach (BE) and Valle Blenio (TI).

Cooperation with the Swiss Hiking Trails Association

The national volunteering project for hiking trail maintenance is being carried out in cooperation with the Swiss Hiking Trails Association. The Swiss Hiking Trails Association and UBS cooperated successfully last year when the hiking guide came out, which UBS published in partnership with Swiss Tourism.

"We are excited about the commitment shown by UBS employees," says Christian Hadorn, Director of the Swiss Hiking Trails Association. "Because of them we are one step closer to our goal of having attractive and safe hiking trails throughout the country. UBS employees are contributing significantly to promoting health, fitness and environmental sensitivity among the population of Switzerland."

Work assignments conducted in the field will be supervised by the organization Bildungswerkstatt Bergwald, whose members have extensive experience in assignment organization, thus ensuring that the work is conducted properly and professionally.