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The UBS Culture Foundation is part of the bank's social commitment in Switzerland. Since UBS assumes the administrative costs of the foundation, the annual returns on the foundation capital can be given away in full. At the same time, a Foundation Board comprising representatives of the bank and renowned external experts is responsible for the allocation of funds. The UBS Culture Foundation is committed to promoting cultural life and artistic creation in Switzerland. It generally supports individuals and projects put forward at the initiative of artists and institutions. In 2010, UBS reviewed 566 applications from the six categories of Visual Art, Heritage Conservation & Archaeology, Film, Literature, Music and Humanities & Cultural Studies. 205 of the applications met the foundation's criteria and were therefore submitted to the Foundation Board for evaluation. In total, 83 projects were evaluated positively and subsidized to the tune of CHF 1,125,500.

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The following current events, which are supported by the UBS Culture Foundation, invite you to make exciting discoveries.

"Global Affairs" – Kurt Caviezel's works of art in Winterthur

Kurt Caviezel© Kurt Caviezel

Kurt Caviezel photographs the world via the Internet using publicly accessible webcams. To date, his archive comprises some three million webcam images. The authorless camera recordings (no photographer moves the camera into place when taking the images ) facilitate and provide a unique degree of reliability and authenticity. The Foundation Board rewarded Kurt Caviezel's artistic work with CHF 15,000. "Fotostiftung Schweiz" will be presenting the "Global Affairs" exhibition from February 26 to May 15 in Winterthur.



"regen reiben" – a multifaceted music project in Basel and Baden

Canto battuto© Canto battuto

With the "regen reiben" project, the musical duo "canto battuto" is turning its attention to multisector audiovisual work. In collaboration with the multimedia artist Ernst Thoma from Thurgau, they are planning an evening that combines video projections and live electronic music. The UBS Culture Foundation is supporting the première of "regen reiben" with CHF 5,000.
The project will be performed on Monday, February 21, in the Gare du Nord in Basel and in the Stanzerei Baden on Friday, March 11, and Saturday, March 12, 2011.


"Teppich" – public literary and discussion event in Zurich

© © "Teppich", Simon Froehling (in picture is writer Gerhard Meister)

The "Teppich" series of events sees authors living in Switzerland meeting to discuss their work in public. It includes readings and discussions of previously unpublished texts. The audience is invited to join in discussing various topics such as, for example, stereotypical images of Switzerland, contemporary literary debates, life as an author as well as current social conflicts. The UBS Culture Foundation contributed CHF 4,000 in support of the project. The events will take place every second Monday of the month via the stage in the Theater am Neumarkt in Zurich: February 14, March 14, April 11 and May 9, 2011.