UBS among top corporations in communicating corporate social responsibility on the internet

Corporate Responsibility

UBS was ranked a respectable fourth among 91 companies that are all members of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, in an annual survey conducted by Lundquist. The CSR Online Awards survey examines the websites of the 91 companies to see how they are used as platforms for communicating corporate social responsibility. Companies are evaluated based on the content of their websites, the quality of the user experience and the level of ongoing engagement. Ranked ahead of UBS were Italian oil firm Eni in first place, and Hewlett-Packard and Nestlé, both tied for second place.

Despite the fact that UBS slipped two places from last year's second-place ranking, this achievement is still remarkable considering that financial firms generally fared the worst in the survey. The bank's adoption of web-based reporting, where the website's corporate responsibility section serves as the sustainability report, allowed it to present vast and detailed corporate social responsibility information. Furthermore, UBS received special mention for its quick response to stakeholder queries submitted through the internet, recording an impressive response time of within 20 minutes.