UBS named a top performer in CSR online strategy survey

Zurich / Basel Corporate Responsibility

UBS recently placed second, behind Italian oil and gas company Eni, in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) online awards 'Global Leaders 2009,' a ranking of the best online CSR communications from recognized global leaders in sustainability.

The survey of 91 members of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index was conducted by the financial communications consultancy, Lundquist, with the aim of stimulating debate about the importance of the web as a strategic tool for corporate responsibility.

Each website was assessed using a set of 76 evaluation criteria, with a maximum total of 100 points. UBS's Corporate Responsibility website scored above average in almost every category, while other financial services (as well as telecommunications) companies were considered the worst in the survey.

UBS also won the CSR online awards 'Switzerland 2009,' followed by cement maker Holcim in second and the healthcare company Roche in third. The Switzerland-only project is the first of its kind, and it evaluated how well the 21 biggest listed companies in Switzerland communicate corporate responsibility via their corporate websites. In general, Swiss companies didn't have satisfactory corporate responsibility content on their websites, with most companies performing worse than international leaders in sustainability.