UBS named index component for the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

Zurich / Basel Corporate Responsibility

Recently, SAM, Dow Jones Indexes and STOXX Ltd. announced the results of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) review 2009. The annual review of the DJSI family is based on a thorough analysis of corporate economic, environmental and social performance, assessing issues such as corporate governance, risk management, branding, climate change mitigation, supply chain standards and labour practices.

UBS was again named an index component for the main Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the DJSI World. UBS has now been a continuous member of DJSI World since its inception in 1999. Of the three dimensions - economic, environmental, social - rated for the DJSI, UBS scored well in the social and is one of the financial sector's leaders in the environmental dimension. A lower score in the economic dimension - a reflection of UBS's turbulences in 2008 and 2009 - meant, however, that UBS has dropped out of a second Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the DJSI STOXX.