Renewable energy

Renewable energy

We are reducing our use of carbon-intensive energy by replacing fossil-fuelled heating infrastructure where feasible purchasing renewable energy for a high proportion of the energy we use (49% in 2013).

In Switzerland, the percentage of electricity sourced from renewable sources, such as hydro power stations, remained at 100%. Sourcing 100% renewable energy in Germany was introduced in 2012. In the UK, we purchased 97 GWh electricity backed by 100% renewable sources, representing 100% of the total volume for our main London buildings.

UBS’s environmental management commitment stretches to its buildings outside of the main urban hubs. The branch in Davos is located in the Swiss Alps 1'500 m above sea level. It is therefore exposed to extreme weather conditions.

In the summer of 2013, UBS took the decision to completely refurbish the building and refresh its design. The roof and façade have been completely insulated using materials with the lowest environmental and health impact. The building’s windows were replaced with triple glazing. Thanks to the building’s smart and appealing design light pollution has been reduced to a minimum.
The former heating system was oil-fired. This has been replaced by a geothermal system. Electricity consumption on site is covered 100% by labeled hydro power.

The refurbishment has created a comfortable work environment for employees and a suitable venue in which to welcome clients from all over the world. This has been achieved without having negative impact on the environment. In fact, energy consumption has been reduced significantly with CO2-emissions down by 100%.