Employee engagement

By educating, increasing awareness among and offering incentives to employees on environmental matters, we hope to help them behave in a sustainable way both at work and at home.

As part of our commitment to reducing CO2 emissions, we continued to support Earth Hour in March 2013, switching off lights in UBS offices in 73 cities around the world for one hour. This was also the starting signal for our annual internal and external environmental awareness campaign. The theme in 2013 was "Protecting our future" and focused on our renewed climate change commitment, with activities including environmental fairs, an online environmental quiz, as well as articles and interviews with senior management posted on our internal and external websites.

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Case study: Employee engagement in the Asia Pacific region

'Zero waste' competition

The UBS Asia Pacific region engaged with 400 employees for a 'zero waste' competition. Employees posted their ideas on the internal social media tool and other employees voted for the winner.

The competition was aimed at raising awareness of the environmental benefits of reuse and the value of discarded materials, focusing on the reuse of materials in artistic or functional ways. Winners showed creative ways to reuse milk or juice bottles, containers and glass bottles.

UBS Eco Fair in Hong Kong and Singapore

The second annual UBS Eco Fair in Hong Kong and Singapore featured over 50 environmental organizations, vendors and partners. Approximately 250 UBS employees attended and took part in the interactive displays and information booths on environmental concerns, our environmental impact, and innovative products, initiatives and solutions to make our lives and office a greener place. Attractions and information booths included sustainable travel management, e-bikes and organic food tasting.