Working in Partnership

Part of our culture

Long-term partnerships
Partnership is the foundation of UBS. Just as we take the time to engage closely with our clients in order to understand their particular needs, so we similarly build long-lasting relationships with our community partners. We work to transform the lives of people in our local communities, through long-term community partnerships that strive to make sustainable impact.

Targeted investment
To achieve maximum impact, we focus our resources primarily to benefit non-profit organizations in the fields of education and entrepreneurship: We believe these are the issues where UBS can make the most impact.

Active involvement
We do more than just give money. We encourage employees to volunteer their time and skills to contribute to the causes they care about. 2013, 10,648 employees spent 91,370 hours volunteering.

Local commitment
Our activities are driven by the needs of our local communities. To ensure we understand these needs, we have dedicated Community Affairs teams in each region: they develop relationships with local organizations and ensure that our contributions have a significant, lasting and measurable effect.

At UBS, we believe in many kinds of giving

UBS donations
In 2013, UBS and our affiliated foundations made direct cash donations totaling CHF 28.3 million to carefully selected non-profit partner organizations and charities. These donations were primarily aimed at our Community Affairs key themes of education and entrepreneurship. Additionally, spending on the UBS Education Initiative amounted to CHF 14.0 million. Our contributions, combined with the volunteering activities of employees, have continued to provide substantial benefits to projects and people around the world, as demonstrated by the regional examples provided below.

Employee donations
If employees donate money to charity, UBS will match these donations with an equal amount, giving such contributions additional impetus.*

Our employees, through their volunteer efforts, make significant contributions to the communities in which they work. The firm supports their commitment to making a difference by offering volunteers two days' paid leave every year.*

In-kind giving
We also recycle donated items to benefit others. Amongst others, we give business clothes to employment charities, used office furniture to partner organizations, and books and musical instruments to primary schools.

*subject to regional guidelines