EMEA highlights

Across EMEA, UBS works with a range of community partners, with the common aim of giving people the skills and confidence they need to achieve their potential.

The UK, we partner the Bridge Academy - a school for 11-18 year olds in one of the most disadvantaged areas of London. The partnership started with a £1million donation from UBS, which was matched by a valued Wealth Management client.

UBS is 100% engaged in the life of the Bridge Academy. Since 2003, more than 3,600 employees have volunteered over 37,500 hours of their time and UBS employees, clients and suppliers have donated a further £1 million. The range of support is enormous. Six UBS Managing Directors are governors of the Academy; every senior student has a UBS mentor; hundreds of volunteers support workshops and placements that develop work-related learning skills; over 100 employees are involved in subject-specific activity from Maths mentors to Spanish language partners; and, each week, 50 employees go to the Bridge before work to help with essential literacy and numeracy.

57% of Bridge students are eligible for Free School Meals (FSMs). At sixteen the UK attainment gap between FSM students and those who are not was 26% in 2012; it was 5% at the Bridge - and overall results were above national average. This is an outstanding achievement.

"The partnership with UBS attracted me to the Bridge and is one of the reasons I want to attend 6th Form there. They invest time into the student. The money is great, but it's the UBS volunteers that have made the biggest impact on me. People from the Bridge will come back to work at UBS." Ife Grillo, Year 11 student

Ashoka was founded in 1981 on the premise that the most effective way to promote positive social change is to invest in social entrepreneurs with innovative solutions that are sustainable and replicable, both nationally and globally.  Ashoka is active in over 60 countries.

In Israel. UBS employees serve as mentors to teams of young social entrepreneurs in their pursuit of designing and executing a social venture. The main focus of the project is on supporting, developing skills and enhancing their success and impact

The Community Affairs program in Russia focuses on disadvantaged young people, many of them in or about to leave the orphanage system, through its partnerships with United Way of Russia, Nadezhda Fund, Kitezh Children’s Community and Downside Up. The program supports these young people on every level – both through funding and increasingly through the involvement of employee volunteers who act as mentors.

Building on a similar event that was held in 2012, 29 children from the Kitzeh Children's Community and the Nadezhda Fund were hosted by the UBS Moscow office in November 2013. UBS employees arranged a very successful and innovative event, where young people leaving the care system spent a day at UBS’s offices, meeting a whole range of employees who each explained their job role and their career path to date. The young people were able to find out what qualifications they might need to secure a job in each function, as well as get an insight into the day to day activities of each role. Many of these young people have no-one they can easily turn to for advice about career options, so initiatives such as this are vital to inform and inspire them.

The attendees then visited the Maly Drama Theatre to see a performance of “Queen of Spades”, something they all enjoyed immensely. The following day the UBS team arranged educational visits to the Tretyakov Gallery and to "Experimentarium", an interactive natural science museum, as well as a Moscow city tour. These events provided the teenagers with a unique experience with significant educational, cultural and entertainment elements

UBS in Germany supports a number of organisations, all with the aim of sharing their workplace and business skills to help students and social enterprises.
For example, a team from Germany recently won a volunteering award for their support for migrant students through the organisation Bildungsagentur. The team coached 120 middle-school-students undertaking activities such as investigating their strengths using the ProfilPassport (developed on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research), followed by job-orientation exercises, skills practice sessions and introductions to companies.

As a result of this project, a representative of the Department for Education and Sports commended the commitment of the team and UBS.  

UBS has a long history of support for its local communities, with a Community Affairs committee made up of of senior managers driving the activity.

In January 2012, UBS Italy established a new partnership with IIS Curie, Sraffa which is a commercial secondary school attended by students from 14 until 19 years of age. and launched a new project entitled “Adopting a school”, targeted to a group of 45 students in the last two grades of the school cycle It  involved 13 mentors, out of which 8 were UBS WM employees., the objectives were to mentor the students to enable them to understand the talents they had and to decide which career would suit them. Twp of the students won scholarships to the prestigious Bocconi University.