UBS and Society

New UBS and Society report New UBS and Society report

Climate Change: a risk to the global middle class

To do the right thing At UBS, corporate responsibility means 'doing the right thing' - both now and in the future.

A short video explains where UBS sees its responsibility as a corporate organization in society.

Making sustainability the everyday standard

We aim to be a leader in sustainability in the financial industry. This requires focusing on the long term and working to provide consistent returns to our stakeholders. It also requires moving beyond the commitment of doing no harm, to one that promotes common good by being proactive, purposeful and accountable. Our key program in this regard is UBS and Society – a cross-divisional, umbrella platform covering all our activities and capabilities in sustainable investing and philanthropy, environmental and human rights policies that govern client and supplier relationships, managing our own environmental footprint, as well as our firm's community interactions.

How we support our clients

How we support our clients