Career development On. Up. You can move. And reach new heights.

Building skills and experiences to move forward in your career occurs naturally in your daily work, but there may also be ways to jump-start your growth. We care about development. We encourage internal mobility. And we reward good performance.

Career development

Leadership programs

such as Senior Leadership Experience, ED Accelerate, and the Ascent program

>5,100 eLearning courses

are offered on communications, management, leadership, financial markets, IT and many other topics

1,125 employees

transferred between business divisions

574 employees

transferred to roles in other regions

~9 years

is how long our employees have worked at UBS on average

~2,400 employees

participate in one of our training programs for young talents

Meet Nelson from New York

Meet Nelson from New York

From GTP to trader with the help of guidance and mentorship.


At least once a year employees are encouraged to talk about development with their line managers


When we're assessing performance, we look at both goals and behaviors. Because it's not only what you achieve but how you do it.