Developing your career

Joining UBS is only the start. Whatever stage you're in, you want to develop new skills, learn new things and further build your career. We want our employees to do that too, and we have developed a strong management culture and processes to support our shared goals. We value strong performance, personal accountability and a commitment to individual development. If you work at UBS, you will have regular opportunities for performance and development conversations with your manager (in fact, such conversations are required as part of our management processes). We also use globally consistent measures to assess your performance. That means there are clear linkages between what we expect, what you achieve, how you behave on the job, and how well you are rated.

Developing your career

Because we want our employees to excel in their jobs and grow their careers, we invest in their professional development. As an employee of UBS you can take advantage of a broad range of training and learning opportunities - in some areas, we even support advanced degree programs. We also offer customized talent development and coaching. If you can show you have the potential to be a future leader, we will encourage you to improve your leadership skills as well. That makes sense for you, and it makes sense for the firm.

Helping our employees learn and grow is so important to us that we have developed the UBS Business University. Here we’ve combined all our leadership and learning programs under a single function, aligning the training and educational activities of UBS employees around the world and thereby promoting a culture of continuous improvement. These include leadership and key talent development programs, business and client education, and role-specific education for all employees.

Our eLearning portfolio, which consists of more than 5,100 courses, allows employees to build skills at their own pace. Topics include communication skills, management and leadership development, financial markets and IT.

In 2014, our permanent employees participated in about 757,000 development activities, including a number of mandatory training sessions focusing on various compliance and regulatory topics.

At UBS, mentoring is an important element of many of our talent development programs. A mentor can help you grow personally and professionally and assist you in building up your network within the organization. If you're part of one of our mentoring programs, your mentor will usually be a senior manager or colleague who will meet with you regularly and provide ongoing support as you learn and grow in your career. But we also think that mentorship is much bigger than our formal programs - we encourage all employees to seek people from within the firm as well as outside the organization to provide advice as they map their career paths.

Changing jobs within the organization, including working in different roles, businesses or locations, can be a great way to develop yourself and your career. At UBS, we encourage job mobility. We have a large, open internal job board that covers all business divisions and regions and we support employees when preparing for an internal move.