New Financial Advisor Development Program

Our comprehensive New Financial Advisor Development Program is tailored for successful professionals with or without financial services industry experience.

Over the course of the program, you will learn how to identify clients' individual financial wants, needs and preferences. Through focused learning and development in a supportive environment, you will gain the confidence to implement and periodically review far-reaching financial plans that can help clients pursue their long term goals.

The development program has four phases:

Core Wealth Management Strategies
Phase 1
In-Branch Training (12 weeks)

  • Gain the core knowledge and credentials you need to help clients pursue their financial goals
  • On-line training and assessment allow those with prior knowledge to quickly move forward through the curriculum

Phase 2
Home Office Training (1 week)

  • Intensive instructor led training enhances your ability to build and present client proposals
  • Personal coaching provided by former Financial Advisors helps you master your presentations

Relationship Management, Business Development and Practice Management Skills
Phase 3
In-Branch Development (8 weeks)

  • Learn proven client communication techniques needed to build lasting relationships with clients
  • Build your marketing and business plan by learning the best practices used by our most successful financial advisors
  • Choose from a list of electives in advanced wealth management strategies based on target areas of your choice

Phase 4
Home Office Training (1 week)

  • Additional practice and coaching to perfect your relationship management and business development skills
  • Gain further insight and ideas from former financial advisors to crystallize your business plan

Once qualified, ongoing learning and development in an atmosphere of professional excellence will further extend your skills and competencies. You will learn more about wealth management concepts, strategies and practices, acquire proven techniques for business development and growth and master strategies for capturing new high net worth business and retaining clients.