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Campus recruiting FAQs

Campus recruiting FAQs


A range of assessment tools -- including interviews, numerical and logical reasoning testing, team exercises and presentations -- enable us to evaluate your individual skills and qualities and assess your potential against the requirements of the role. Several UBS individuals will be involved in the assessment process to ensure objectivity throughout.

During the process, we’ll ask you to demonstrate your skills and abilities in relation to the following core competencies:

  • Problem analysis
  • Judgment and decision making
  • Innovation
  • Communication and impact
  • Drive and commitment
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Planning and organizing

Please note: assessment procedures vary from region to region. Please contact your local recruitment contacts to find out more details

Because each region has a slightly different timetable, please refer to our application deadlines for more details.

In most cases, we accept online applications only.

However, UBS complies with and supports all national and local laws pertaining to non-discrimination and advancement opportunity, including those relating to making reasonable accommodations to the recruitment process for applicants who require them. Should you wish to discuss, please contact the recruiting team in your region.

Application paths vary by business and region. Click here to see the high-level application process for your region

Our application policies vary from region to region. Please refer to your local Application Policy to find out more detail.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider applying to join UBS as a direct hire here.

Internship Program

Our internship programs are the best ways to prepare for a graduate position at UBS. It’s an opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most successful people in finance today – while acquiring the skills and making the contacts that will give you a head start when you graduate.

You will be a valued and productive member of your team from day one, as we believe it is important to expose you to interesting projects and worthwhile work experience with real responsibilities. In addition to receiving training, you will participate in business seminars and skills development sessions.

You'll also have plenty of opportunity to network with your peers, recent graduates and senior people from across the bank, so that you can really start building relationships and understand what makes UBS a great place to build a career.

We always seek to hire the best interns when they graduate – so an internship could be your gateway to a rewarding career.

Graduate Talent Program

We accept both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree holders, accommodating our business areas’ preferences and the specific educational criteria for the positions.

The Graduate Talent Program (GTP) is an 18-24 month framework of development, which consists of three core components, supplemented by further programs of training which are specifically built around our different business groups. The three core components are:

  • GTP Discovery: provides you with an in-depth understanding of the UBS strategy, vision and guiding principles and equips you with a fundamental level of knowledge of banking and finance. It enhances your knowledge and understanding of our business divisions' core capabilities and gets you ready for work. After GTP Discovery you will participate in tailored training for your business area which will equip you with the necessary technical skills to be effective in your role.
  • GTPNet: Throughout your time on the GTP you will have access to a series of developmental modules which provide you with access to skills development and exposure to senior industry experts. Through participation in GTPNet you will learn and grow whilst maintaining and building your professional network.
  • GTP Gateway. This marks the end of the training program and supports your transition to the next stage of your career at UBS.

Our Graduate Talent Program (GTP) is an 18-24 month framework of development, which consists of three core components, supplemented by further programs of training which are specifically built around our different business groups. As such, it is ideal for applicants with little work experience but who demonstrate great potential.

The direct hire option is appropriate for applicants who have substantial work experience and where the benefit of a traineeship is limited for both parties.

Career management

Our goal is to retain our Graduate Talent Program participants wherever feasible. In most cases and depending on applicable local labor law requirements, Graduate Talent Program participants are hired into a position that they stay in after the formal GTP program ends. In some rare cases, participants may be expected to conduct their own internal job search whilst enrolled in the program.

Given the many business areas within UBS, each person’s career path will vary. Each job is assigned specific responsibilities and clearly defined skills and competencies, and we have a leading-edge performance management process that measures your accomplishments and progress. We provide a framework for ongoing discussion between you and your manager and a place to consider and record your longer term career development goals. But, ultimately, it is up to you take responsibility for your personal and professional development.

UBS culture

You might encounter differences of management style and culture across our regions, divisions and teams. That said, we are one UBS and share common aspirations, guiding principles and a common corporate identity. Our business model encourages us to work together across organizational, cultural and national boundaries to achieve goals and collaborate to develop and deliver best-in-class products and services to our clients.

Diversity and fostering an inclusive culture are critical to UBS’s success. It is our belief that teams composed of people with diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences are better able to understand and address the needs of our diverse client base. We therefore seek to cultivate an open and inclusive culture where employees are able to maximize their potential.

We have workplace policies that address fair treatment, professional behavior, maternal / parental leave and harassment prevention. Diversity is integrated into processes such as recruiting, talent development and performance management and is also addressed through training and development programs. Furthermore, dedicated employee networks actively promote issues relating to gender, race and cultural awareness, and family matters in the workplace through regular events and networking activities.

We recognize that job satisfaction is not just about achieving outstanding results and that there has to be a balance between professional accomplishment and personal fulfillment. We provide a range of options to help employees accommodate individual priorities and concerns. These include working from home, flexible hours and part-time options, taking into account the needs of the business.

Benefits vary by region but often include options that can help address issues and needs outside of the workplace.

UBS is firmly committed to corporate responsibility and actively strives to understand, assess, weigh and address the concerns and expectations of the firm's stakeholders. This process supports UBS in its efforts to safeguard and advance the firm's reputation for responsible corporate conduct. In very direct ways, responsible corporate conduct helps create sustainable value for the company.

We firmly believe that sustainable growth and investment for any business also depends on what it does above and beyond the requirements of laws and regulations. Responsible behavior is an important part of our culture, identity and working practices.

We are committed to creating a working environment based on the values of equal opportunity, diversity and meritocracy. We have also adopted measures to protect the environment, adhere to high social standards and contribute to the well-being of our local communities wherever we do business. All our activities are underpinned by our governance structure, which complies with the leading codes of best practice.