Interview process - Asia Pacific

Here’s what you might expect if you’re selected to participate in the interview process.

Interview process - Asia Pacific


Your first interview is likely to be conducted by a business line manager. What we want to do in the first interview round is evaluate your competencies against those required for the position you’re interested in.

You'll be asked competency-based questions to give us a better idea of how you will react when presented with the issues, challenges and problems that can arise in business. There will also be questions that cover your interest in and knowledge of the banking and finance industry in general, UBS as a company and your chosen business area. Some business areas may also administer written assessment tests.

Assessment center

The final step in our recruiting process generally lasts a half day and takes place after all interviews with human resources and line managers are completed.  

The assessment center generally lasts a half day and takes place after your first interview. It will involve competency-based interviews conducted by business representatives and various exercises, including case studies, presentations and group discussions.  It enables us to better gauge how your individual skills will fit with our requirements.

Results of the various exercises will be assessed by one or more representatives from the business area for which you are being considered.

Please note that due to the large number of applications we receive, not everyone will be invited for an interview.