UBS Insights Week

The UBS Insights Week gives students who are considering an internship the following year a valuable - and unique - insight into UBS including our key business areas, strategy, culture and values.

You will not only learn more about UBS, but you will also learn about what it takes to be successful in the financial services industry. The exciting training program consists of a business and industry overview, product and soft skills training, interview tips, case study, trading game and social events. Throughout the program, students are provided with exclusive networking opportunities with a range of professionals.

  • Observe up-close the daily life of a financial services professional.
  • Experience the excitement of the trading floor with an exclusive tour.
  • Learn tips and tricks for succeeding at assessments.
  • Collaborate and compete with your peers in a fast-paced trading game.
  • Test your market instincts with a case study exercise that will have you thinking on your feet and negotiating with your peers.
  • Quiz current graduates on what they really think about life at UBS.
  • Networking opportunities with fellow students and representatives from across the business.

Before you apply you'll need to research which of the below areas would be right for you, as you'll be assessed for our summer internship program in the area you choose.

  • Investment Bank - Corporate Client Solutions (CCS)
  • Investment Bank - Investor Client Solutions (ICS)
  • Primary Risk
  • Group Technology
  • Operations
  • Compliance
  • Human Resources

What UBS Insights Week participants say


What was your favorite part of the week and why?

My favorite part of the week was learning about a field I previously knew very little about; going into the UBS Insights Week I knew next to nothing about the world of finance and by the end I felt informed and engaged. I particularly enjoyed the speakers and learning about global economics.

Why did you choose UBS?

UBS seems like it is a nurturing environment to work in, while also pushing you to achieve your best.

What does UBS Insights Week offer that other spring weeks do not?

I didn't attend any other spring weeks so I'm not really sure, but UBS Insights had a great balance of challenges, talks and the opportunity to relax with other like-minded people. We were always kept busy and by the end of the week I really felt like our team had bonded into a cohesive group.

What was the application process like?

Reasonably straight forward and easy to follow - be prepared to take a maths test towards the end of the week.

What would you recommend to somebody thinking about applying to the UBS Insights program?

Don't worry if you feel like you don't know as much as other people perhaps coming from finance or economics backgrounds - the UBS Insights week is how it sounds, an insight into what it's like working at UBS. Be honest and open and that way you'll learn as much as possible – ask lots of questions!


For Malte, an economics and finance student at the University of Amsterdam, the most important thing in a job is the people you work with. UBS Insights has convinced him that working at UBS would be challenging but fun.

Why did you choose UBS?

I was part of a group of Dutch students who did a London banking tour last autumn. Of the ten different firms we visited, I really liked the way people communicated at UBS. The most important thing in a job is that you like who you work with and I felt I could get on with people at UBS. They were co-operative and approachable.

Has UBS Insights Week changed your view of UBS?

Not really – it’s just confirmed my first impression. There was a great atmosphere there and I met people I really liked. I got the sense that working at UBS would be really demanding, but in a supportive way.

What was your favourite part of the week?

Definitely the work-shadowing, which was three solid hours of me just asking questions. You can read 1,000 homepages and you’ll never get this information. I also enjoyed the assessment centre – it was the first one I’d been to and it was much less stressful than I thought it would be.

What about the social aspects of the week?

I made a lot of friends and came away with invitations to Warwick and London. I particularly enjoyed the pub-quiz. The combined knowledge of everyone at the table was really impressive.

What advice would you give to next year’s class?

It’s important to have an idea of what the programme involves and why you’re applying for it, so do your homework. Talk to second and third years who’ve done UBS Insights Week and hear what they say about UBS’s culture.


Durham University Economics student Katyryna found she thrived in the friendly culture at UBS.

What made you choose UBS?

I’m a member of the Investment and Finance Society at Durham, and I’d heard very good things about it from people who’d done UBS Insights last year.

What does UBS Insights Week offer that other spring weeks don’t?

I looked at loads of places and what stood out about UBS is that you don’t just focus on the one department you’d like to apply to. Instead, you learn about the whole firm and then work-shadow in the department you’re interested in. It gives you a good overview and helps you decide if you’re making the right choice.

What was the best part of the week?

Definitely the work-shadowing. There’s only so much you can learn about a job from people telling you about it. Spending three hours with someone actually doing the job I’m interested in gave me a real sense of what it involved.

Did anything surprise you about the week?

The most unexpected thing was learning about myself. I discovered I was much more confident and less shy about talking to people than I thought I’d be.

What advice will you give people interested in UBS Insights Week?

Being invited to an assessment centre after the week is a great way to get fast-tracked onto the summer internship – so practise the numerical tests and take notes throughout. There’s so much to take in, but if you’ve got a reminder of what people said in their presentations, it will help you prepare for the interviews. Also, eat well and go to bed at a decent hour, because it’s a long, intense day.


Studying IT and always thought financial services firms were boring? Think again, says Jacek, a computer science student at Warsaw University.

What does UBS Insights Week offer that other spring weeks don’t?

Spring weeks aren’t that common in IT. It was great to have lots of different activities in one place, but with a chance to work-shadow in IT.

What was the highlight of the week?

Making new friends. We were a pretty international group and I met people from many different backgrounds. I was expecting everyone to be doing Finance or Economics degrees, but that wasn’t so. The only thing the other students had in common was that they were open-minded and smart.

Has doing UBS Insights changed your view of the firm?

I didn’t know much about financial services firms before I did UBS Insights Week – and I wasn’t aware of how important IT is for them. The experience has made UBS a much more interesting possible employer for me.

Would you recommend UBS Insights?

Definitely. I’ll be recommending it to my peers and younger students. Most IT students think that banks are boring, but they’re not. It’s not just about managing the bank’s infrastructure – the IT team at UBS is developing new software all the time.

And what advice would you give to applicants?

Take your time to fill in the application form carefully – and proofread your answers. If English isn’t your first language, improve your skills before you go. Try to prepare for the numerical test, too. They’re not hard if you’re familiar with them.