Europe, Middle East & Africa

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The first thing to do is learn as much as you can about the finance industry and the major firms in it.


  • The industry: start with basic industry guides, browse finance and news websites and read business publications.
  • The companies: research the major firms, look at their history and their websites, and talk to friends, family and your careers advisor. Try to understand the values and methods that make those firms different from each other.
  • Your education: are you a university graduate or still studying? Are you a recent graduate, or have you had some work experience? We recommend our internship programs for those still studying and our Graduate Training Program for recent graduates.
  • Once you've decided to apply to UBS, learn about our competency-based evaluation process in our 'How we assess you' section.

Attend recruitment events

  • Campus events: be on the lookout for career events, and pay careful attention to postings and emails from your university career center and college departments.
  • UBS events: check our events calendar, and register in advance to attend UBS recruitment events in your area.

Prepare your CV and yourself

  • Prepare your CV and think about questions that recruiters might ask – and how you'd answer them.
  • Where possible, tailor your CV to suit the industry. Make sure it looks professional, and is clear, accurate and up to date.
  • Think about how you would answer the open-ended questions found on most of our online application forms. Remember, your responses will be evaluated against the firm's basic competencies that are outlined in our 'How we assess you' section.
  • Get feedback on your CV and your responses to the open-ended questions from family and friends, teachers or any professionals that you know.