How we assess you

At UBS, our goal is to have the most objectively based candidate evaluation process possible, one that gives every candidate an equal opportunity to compete for available positions.

We use a number of tools – including numerical and logical reasoning tests, interviews, team exercises and presentations – to help us evaluate your individual skills and qualities and assess your potential against the requirements of a given role.

Please note: assessment tools may vary from region to region. Please contact your local recruitment team to learn more about the application process in your region.

The seven core competencies

We evaluate each candidate against seven “core competencies,” a term we use to describe professional qualities and business skills. We see these core competencies as essential building-blocks for success at UBS. Combined with the necessary effort on your part and training from us, they form the basis upon which you can launch and develop a successful career at our firm.

The list of core competencies is given below. To promote objectivity throughout the process, you will be scored on these criteria by a number of different individuals.

  • Are you able to quickly identify and correctly analyze problems?
  • Do you select and use information in a structured way, recommending solutions that are logical, ethical and realistic?
  • Are you able to select and use information to make sound and balanced choices?
  • Can you evaluate the risks of alternative options and make decisions in the face of ambiguity or incomplete information?
  • Can you generate new ideas and creative approaches?
  • Can you identify situations where there is a need for change, and are you able to challenge existing practices and approaches?
  • Do you have an appetite for continuous learning and acquiring new skills?
  • Can you convey information clearly, articulately and succinctly?
  • Are you able to influence others and make an impact through effective interpersonal and communications skills?
  • Can you challenge convention in a tactful way, without being combative or confrontational?
  • Do you have the determination, drive and enthusiasm to deliver results?
  • Can you demonstrate sufficient initiative to take action on your own while consistently striving for excellence?
  • Are you able to overcome barriers, respond positively to failure and learn from criticism?
  • Are you able to work collaboratively and support team members while pursuing personal objectives?
  • Are you able to encourage others to participate, listen to different viewpoints and work towards consensus?
  • Are you able to organize your own work, manage your time effectively and stay focused on priorities?
  • Can you develop and monitor clear action plans with realistic deadlines and set deadlines that take available resources into account?
  • Can you amend plans to account for changes or unforeseen situations?