How do we measure success?

How we measure our performance

The Group and business divisions are managed on the basis of a key performance indicator (KPI) framework, which identifies profit and growth financial measures, in the context of sound risk and capital management objectives. When determining variable compensation, both Group and business division KPIs are taken into account.

We review the KPI framework on a regular basis, considering our strategy and the market environment in which we operate. KPIs are disclosed in our quarterly and annual reporting to allow comparison of our performance over the reporting periods. For certain KPIs we have performance targets in place, which are defined in order to measure our performance against our strategy. Our KPIs are designed to be assessed on an over-the-cycle basis and are subject to seasonal patterns.

Delivering on our promise – reducing costs

We reviewed our performance targets and KPI framework in January 2018, taking into account the developments in the regulatory environment and the achievement of our CHF 2.1 billion net cost reduction target by the fourth quarter of 2017. Cost control will remain in focus through the cost / income ratio, which remains a KPI and performance target for the Group and all business divisions. We have set ambitious return and efficiency targets for the next three years.

All Corporate Center functions are represented in onshore, nearshore and offshore locations that allow us to tap into larger talent pools and realize efficiencies by reducing our footprint in high-cost real estate locations. As of 31 December 2017, 36% of Corporate Center employees and contractors were in offshore or nearshore locations compared with 18% as of 31 December 2013.    Efficiency and effectiveness


2017 was an excellent year for us, with profit before tax up 29% to CHF 5.3 billion. We also delivered on our CHF 2.1 billion net savings program.

Letter to Shareholders, UBS Annual Report 2017