Contributing to our social media pages – Rules of conduct and important information

I. Purpose
The purpose of our social media pages (e.g. on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+) is to provide information about specific UBS related topics to everybody who is interested in learning more about UBS. We encourage you to contribute to our pages and to share your views with other users. You can also ask questions on the topics of our pages, which will be answered by our staff.

Please be aware that our social media pages are public, which means that anyone can see your posts on our pages, and these may show up in search-engine results.

Please note also that our social media pages are not intended as a way to contact us regarding UBS businesses or client relationships. If you would like to contact us in this regard, please use our contact form.

II. Posts
When you contribute to our pages, please observe the following rules of conduct, which have been set up to ensure that visiting our pages is a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone.

  • Be respectful
    Please be respectful of others and their opinions. We will not permit any comments or images that are defamatory, discriminatory, malicious, racist, sexist, obscene, otherwise abusive or that threaten others, or includes offensive comments about specific, named individuals or organizations.
  • Observe the law
    Do not post content you do not have the right to post, in particular content that infringes the intellectual property or privacy of others, or advocates illegal activity of any kind.
  • Play safe
    Please be careful not to post any content that contains viruses, malware, spyware or the like, or has links to inappropriate websites.
  • Confidentiality rules
    Only post information that is deemed for public use. Do not include any confidential or sensitive information or any information that could harm UBS or its affiliates.
  • Stay on topic
    Some discussions may drift from the stated topic of the pages. However, to ensure maximum benefit for everyone, we encourage you to keep your postings relevant.
  • Don't spam
    Spam includes sending identical and irrelevant or unsolicited submissions to many different users, and includes misrepresenting the source of what you post. Do not post any advertisements.

We may delete comments that we deem to be inappropriate, offensive, or off-topic, including advertising. In addition, we may remove identical posts by the same user or multiple users.

III. Important notices
Because our social media pages are public pages and anyone can participate, we cannot be responsible for views expressed other than our own.
By contributing to our social media pages, you consent to any information provided by your contribution being used by UBS and/or third parties on our behalf for the purposes explained in our Privacy Statement and for evaluating the effectiveness of our marketing and statistical analysis. We may use UBS Group entities globally on our behalf to process information for such purposes.

The information provided by UBS or its staff members on our social media pages is for information purposes only. No information published on our social media pages constitutes a solicitation, an offer, or a recommendation to buy or sell any investment instruments, to effect any transactions, or to conclude any legal act of any kind whatsoever. UBS will never ask you for any personal information on social media pages, so please never disclose your personal information or bank account details on our social media pages.

We may post links to third-party sites when we think you'll find the information helpful. However, please note that this does not in any way constitute an official endorsement of the site or company.

Please note that we will try to respond to comments and posts in a timely manner but we cannot guarantee that we will reply to all comments and posts.