Our strategy

Attractive business model

Our strategy is centered on our leading global wealth management business and our premier personal and corporate banking business in Switzerland, complemented by our focused investment bank and global asset manager. We concentrate on capital-efficient businesses in our targeted markets, where we have a strong competitive position and an attractive long-term growth or profitability outlook.

We are the preeminent global wealth manager to high net worth and ultra high net worth clients, based on invested assets. We have a strong presence in the largest market, the United States, and the leading position in the fastest-growing region, Asia Pacific, based on invested assets. Our global wealth management business benefits from its scale, which is difficult to replicate organically, and leading positions across the high net worth and ultra high net worth client segments in an industry with attractive growth prospects. The partnership between our business divisions is critical to the success of our strategy and a source of competitive advantage.

Capital strength is the foundation of our strategy nd our business model is capital-accretive and capital-efficient.

Long-term value creation through cost- and capitalefficient growth

We are managing UBS for the long term, focusing on sustainable profit growth and responsible resource deployment. We aim to balance growth opportunities with cost and capital efficiency in order to drive attractive risk-adjusted returns and sustainable performance.

Revenue growth

We believe we can grow our revenues at least at the rate of global economic expansion over the cycle, by executing our plans with discipline and by taking advantage of favorable market and industry trends. Improved collaboration and partnership across our business divisions provide further revenue growth potential and enable us to better meet the needs of our ultra high net worth and Global Family Office clients. 

Geographically, we expect the US and Asia Pacific to be the strongest contributors to future profit growth. We are already a strong player in the US and Latin America, with ambitions to grow further by capturing market share and benefiting from secular growth trends. We believe Asia Pacific, particularly China, presents a significant long-term opportunity, given its economic expansion and wealth creation. Our competitive position in the region is strong and we are well positioned to capture the growth opportunities across our businesses. In Switzerland, our home market, we intend to reinforce our leadership position. In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we want to leverage our existing capabilities to grow our market share during the further consolidation that is expected in the financial services industry.

Cost efficiency

We are a cost-conscious organization with objectives to improve our overall cost efficiency. Our aim is to keep costs, excluding performance-based compensation which is linked to revenues, broadly flat over the next three years, while growing our revenues. We plan to continue to invest in technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness, drive growth and better serve our clients.

In order to further strengthen the business divisions’ ownership of Corporate Center costs and align Group and divisional performance, we have adjusted our Corporate Center cost allocation methodology. A higher proportion of these costs will be
allocated to the business divisions from the first quarter of 2019.

Capital efficiency

We remain disciplined when deploying capital across our businesses, aiming to cover the cost of capital where capital is allocated.

We are improving transparency and accountability regarding the use of resources, allowing the business divisions to further optimize their capital usage and pursue growth opportunities in a capital-efficient manner. Consequently, we have adapted our equity attribution framework and, from the first quarter of 2019, will further allocate to the business divisions resources that were previously centrally held.

Attractive capital returns

Our capital strength and capital-accretive business model allow us to grow our business while delivering attractive capital returns to our shareholders.

We aim to increase our ordinary dividend per share at a mid-to-high single-digit percentage each year. We also aim to return excess capital, after accruals for ordinary dividends, most likely in the form of share repurchases. We consider our business outlook and capital plan, as well as other developments, in determining excess capital available for share repurchases.


Cost / income ratio1

Profitability and growth1

Capital and resource guidance



~15% RoTE excluding DTAs2

~13% common equity tier 1 capital ratio3

~3.7% common equity tier 1 leverage ratio3

Global Wealth Management


10–15% pre-tax profit growth4


2–4% net new money growth


Personal & Corporate Banking


1–4% net new business volume
(personal banking)



150–165 bps net interest margin


Asset Management


~10% pre-tax profit growth4, 5


3–5% net new money growth,
excluding money market flows


Investment Bank


>15% RoAE6

RWA and LRD around one-third of the Group total7