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Global UBS homepage redesigned

Zurich / Basel About UBS

Easier navigation, a modern design and a closer connection to the offline "You & Us" campaign - these are the three main trademarks of the new global UBS homepage. Launched on August 29th, it has kept proven elements from the old homepage while enhancing usability and facilitating easy access to the numerous services offered by UBS to its client base.

Extensive worldwide user testing conducted in Basle, Hong Kong and Chicago, as well as user feedback gathered over the past few years, served as a basis for both design and structure of the new homepage.

Through the use of "eye-tracking" technology, it was possible to analyse the test user's eye-movements and to establish where users would be looking for specific links first.

Based on these findings, the key links for all user groups, such as "Individuals", "Corporates & Institutions", "Analysts & Investors", "Media" and "Career Candidates" have been concentrated in the left area of the page.

The most used element of the homepage, the "Client login" section, continues to occupy the top right of the page but has been revised, now providing more convenient access to UBS's several regional e-banking offerings. Users are now able to get to their specific e-banking login by using a dropdown menu, directly linking to all regional e-banking portals.

Additionally, more emphasis has been put on "Explore virtual UBS": A permanent link to UBS's 3D video viewing environment has been added to the area under the new central image, together with links to other sections providing more information about the bank and its locations.

The new image in the center of the homepage is exchanged randomly with every new visit to the page. With the use of imagery from UBS's print campaigns as well as the "You & Us" tagline in its red bar, the new homepage supports an immediate brand recognition by its visitors.

More than a hundred thousand people visit the UBS website every day. The homepage is both a vital reference point and service hub for clients and users globally, providing links to information on the firm and its offerings as well as access to online services.

Any questions or feedback to the new UBS homepage are highly welcome and can be submitted by using the feedback form.