Connecting value Annual Review 2016

Chairman Axel A. Weber and Group CEO Sergio P. Ermotti discuss the themes that shaped last year’s story and how UBS made further progress in delivering value for its stakeholders.

We give you an overview of our firm, three keys to success and business model.

The world has changed considerably since we defined our current strategy in 2011. We explain how UBS has transformed and what we want to be recognized for.

Value has many facets: we describe what’s important to our stakeholders – and giveexamples of how we support our strategic goals.

We tell you about our global franchise, how we are organized and how we operate – and how we aim to make sustainability the everyday standard at UBS.

Numbers alone don’t give the complete picture. But they are useful to measure performance in our business – and the progress of our UBS and Society activities.

A good relationship is the foundation for creating value. We describe how we build and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders.

It’s not just what we do but how we do it. We explain how our governance framework supports long-term value creation.

Chairman Axel A. Weber and Group CEO Sergio P. Ermotti look ahead and highlight the key drivers, risks and opportunities in 2017 and beyond.