Factsheets Global health research

Country Project Title Factsheet
Argentina Dengue in a vulnerable infant population Opt1507.01 (PDF, 104 KB)
Bangladesh Replacement of insecticides to control Visceral leishmaniasis 3226 (PDF, 98 KB)
Bangladesh RCT of day-care based & hospitalized management of severe pneumonia & severe malnutrition in children Opt1644 (PDF, 101 KB)
Bangladesh mCare: Enhancing survival of high-risk neonates in rural S. Asia 3257 (PDF, 79 KB)
Brazil Improving neonatal outcomes by training nurses in Rio, Brazil Opt1239 (PDF, 94 KB)
Brazil Dengue Torpedo: Community-Developed Cellphone App to Fight Dengue 4841 (PDF, 115 KB)
Brazil Visualizing host-pathogen interactions during dengue virus infection 495 (PDF, 106 KB)
Brazil Monitoring tuberculosis treatment at point-of-residence 3068 (PDF, 81 KB)
Cambodia Chemotherapy-based control of Strongyloides stercoralis Opt1491.01 (PDF, 194 KB)
China Impact of educational videotapes on soil transmitted helminth risk behaviour Opt1490 (PDF, 98 KB)
Congo, DR Improvement of control strategies of sleeping sickness in Democratic Republic of Congo 3240 (PDF, 106 KB)
Cote d'Ivoire An Integrated Approach to Control Neglected Tropical Diseases 3254 (PDF, 100 KB)
Ethiopia Understanding VL and malnutrition Opt1228 (PDF, 95 KB)
Ethiopia Protease inhibitors control in VL/HIV co-infection 2057 (PDF, 74 KB)
Gambia Non-specific effect of vaccines on bacterial infections 4357 (PDF, 81 KB)
Haiti Building for a healthy future 1710.01 (PDF, 96 KB)
India Development of a new treatment for Helminthiasis Opt1649 (PDF, 81 KB)
India Development of an efficient and safe oral diarrheal vaccine Opt1154.01 (PDF, 79 KB)
India Assessment and Evaluation of the Safe Childbirth Checklist Phase II 4637 (PDF, 99 KB)
Indonesia Diagnosis and control of typhoid fever 496 (PDF, 122 KB)
Indonesia Improved latrine for rural communities 3081 (PDF, 142 KB)
Jordan Vitamin D and Severity of Respiratory Viral Illness 494 (PDF, 124 KB)
Kenya Multiplex Testing for NTD Surveillance 3228 (PDF, 73 KB)
Kenya Biomarkers for Human African Trypanosomiasis 1285.01 (PDF, 117 KB)
Liberia Solar suitcase 'Light up a life - Reduced Mortality Through Renewable Electricity' 1877 (PDF, 81 KB)
Mexico Green road to dengue control in Mexico 1434 (PDF, 120 KB)
Mexico Polyvalent vaccine against Salmonellosis 3074 (PDF, 106 KB)
Nepal Snakes biodiversity and diagnosis of envenoming 1748 (PDF, 99 KB)
Nepal Better early infant growth for childhood development in Nepal 3296 (PDF, 114 KB)
Nepal A new molecular surveillance system for leishmaniasis. 3203 (PDF, 122 KB)
Nicaragua Community-led interventions for dengue control in Nicaragua Opt1151 (PDF, 120 KB)
Nicaragua Of mice and men: Novel studies of dengue and influenza 3274 (PDF, 150 KB)
Peru Optifood – an Approach to Improve Nutrition 1808 (PDF, 107 KB)
Peru Evaluating early child development and household livelihoods 5052 (PDF, 81 KB)
Philippines Epidemiology of P. knowlesi in the Phillipines Opt1639 (PDF, 105 KB)
Philippines Communities Against Rabies Exposure (CARE) Opt1406.01 (PDF, 128 KB)
Philippines Innovative approaches to eliminate schistosomiasis from the Philippines 3080 (PDF, 71 KB)
South Africa Child Survival in rural South Africa Opt1653 (PDF, 106 KB)
South Africa Novel Drugs to Combat Tuberculosis Opt1496 (PDF, 120 KB)
South Africa TB smelling among children Opt845 (PDF, 109 KB)
South Africa Home-based adherence to medication for tuberculous meningitis 3204 (PDF, 101 KB)
Tanzania Tuberculosis detection by Giant African Pouched Rats Opt1043.01 (PDF, 131 KB)
Tanzania Road-testing innovative surveillance technologies for rabies 491 (PDF, 109 KB)
Tanzania Rapid drug resistance surveillance and genotyping of TB 516 (PDF, 90 KB)
Thailand NeoCom - a computer based decision making tool for newborn care 3201 (PDF, 75 KB)
Uganda Quality based approach to enhance newborn survival in Africa 3990 (PDF, 84 KB)
Uganda Setting a model for elimination of T. b. rhodesiense HAT 3223 (PDF, 143 KB)
United States of America A New Field Assay to Diagnose and Monitor Schistosomiasis 3262 (PDF, 98 KB)
Vietnam P. vivax control in Central Vietnam Opt1648 (PDF, 81 KB)
Zambia Autopsy and diagnostic studies in sick Zambian children 3061 (PDF, 75 KB)