UBS’s FIM events Pooling knowledge. Because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Continuously building knowledge and expertise is key to success in an evolving marketplace. Our events are designed to share insights into the challenges and opportunities you face. We identify the right people from across UBS and third parties to engage and stimulate on issues identified as important to you. From an informal networking event to a more formal educational forum, a broad range of event types and themes is available to suit your objectives.

Whether you are pursuing organic or inorganic growth, collaboration between industry players can be critical to any expansion strategy. Our events introduce you to peers and prospective business partners. Select gatherings that allow you to discuss opportunities in confidence and which are focused on themes or growth regions of greatest relevance to you.

Challenges and opportunities constantly change. An external viewpoint is invaluable on regulation, cross-border business, client behaviors and organizational development, among many other matters. UBS draws on its vast in-house and external networks to leverage the competences of industry professionals and bodies from around the world. Our events are an opportunity to share this wealth of experience as well as facilitating knowledge exchange between Financial Intermediaries to support your business activities and priorities.

Complement your in-house knowledge with insights from across UBS’s global footprint and extensive research capabilities. Access our Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Outlooks, Investor Circles, market opinion circles and other platforms. Focusing on trends in selected national and global markets and industries, events help you stay on top of developments in a rapidly evolving environment.

Relaxed, informal settings support closer and deeper personal contacts, enabling us to work together in an even more informed and constructive manner. Common to all our events is that they are highly enjoyable, spanning the breadth of sport and cultural interests. They represent a combination of regional and international events, sponsored by UBS and built around your special interests.

Important information: the event offering differs depending on the domicile of the financial intermediary.