Presentations 2009

Other conferences


Bank of America Merrill Lynch Financials Conference,
September 2009

Bank am Bellevue Conference, January 2009

UBS Investor Day 2009

The UBS Investor Day 2009 took place in Zurich on November 17, 2009.

Group Strategy & Transformation
Ulrich Körner (Group Chief Operating Officer and CEO Corporate Center)

Risk and Finance
Philip Lofts (Group Chief Risk Officer)
John Cryan (Group Chief Financial Officer)

Investment Bank
Alex Wilmot-Sitwell (Co-CEO UBS Investment Bank)
Carsten Kengeter (Co-CEO UBS Investment Bank)

Wealth Management & Swiss Bank
Jürg Zeltner (CEO Wealth Management)
Franco Morra (CEO UBS Switzerland)

Wealth Management Americas
Robert McCann (CEO Wealth Management Americas)

Global Asset Management
John Fraser (Chairman and CEO Global Asset Management)

Regional Strategy: Asia Pacific
Chi-Won Yoon (Chairman and CEO Asia Pacific)